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Goodson's Cafe

Our First
Half Century

Back in 1950, a little lady by the name of Ella Goodson went to work in a small cafe near Tomball. Four years later, the owner of the cafe decided to sell out. He convinced Mrs. Goodson that she was the only person he knew that could "make a go of it" at the cafe.

About the time that "Ma" Goodson bought the cafe, the area began to experience an oil boom. Soon "Ma" Goodson had a bustling business serving meals to oil field workers and to the folks that lived in and around Tomball. It wasn't long before it was recognized by all that "Ma" Goodson had an exceptional talent when it came to the preparation of that Texas favorite, "CHICKEN FRIED STEAK".

Soon Houstonians heard about "Ma" Goodson's and began making the trip to Tomball to eat what had been proclaimed by many to be "The Best Chicken Fried Steak in Texas" "Ma" Goodson and her Famous Chicken Fried Steak has appeared in numerous publications as well as being featured on the popular television program, "The Eyes of Texas".

Goodson's Cafe or "Ma" Goodson's, as it is known to many, has over the years become what is known in the restaurant business as an "institution". Similar to other famous restaurant institutions, each has built a particular incomparable reputation for their specialty, and for Chicken Fried Steak, it is and has been Goodson' Cafe since 1950.

Recently we have been featured on the Travel Channel's "DEEP FRIED PARADISE" Along with being voted number "62" in the Travel Channels "AMERICA'S 101 Tastiest Chowdowns".